FOX Shows Will Not Move To ABC

Fox Tv Shows on ABC Disney

Details of the Fox / Disney acquisition deal are still coming to light, but at the Winter 2018 TCA Press Tour, Fox TV execs made a few things crystal clear about how the Disney deal will or will not affect their content:

Speaking to reporters (via EW), Fox Broadcasting CEO and Chairman Dana Walden had the following to say, "Fox Broadcasting Shows will continue to be on FBC. There is no plans to move Fox shows over to ABC."

Fox TV Group Chairman Gary Newman added that, "It will be a very robust, nimble company. It's an exciting and dynamic time for the TV business. New Fox will chart a new course."

While the next twelve and eighteen months will be business as usual, there are plans to eventually spin Fox Broadcasting Co., Fox News and other Fox stations off into a new Fox division.


We'll keep you updated as more details of the Fox / Disney deal unfold.