Bizarre Game of Thrones Theory Claims It Was Integral for Jon Snow to Shout at a Dragon

This week's Game of Thrones delivered audiences one of the most surprising moments of the entire series, depicting not only the Battle of Winterfell but also a fateful confrontation between the Night King and the series' heroes. All across the battlefield, fans witnessed some of their favorite characters engaging in courageous acts, which resonated all the more strongly based on the Night King's terrifying army. Recent reveals on the series have hinted that Jon Snow could have a right to the Iron Throne, though one moment in the latest episode saw the character square off with an ice dragon and resort to shouting in its face. Despite this merely being an act in which Snow accepted his possible demise, one viewer thinks this was a crucial moment in the episode's narrative.

WARNING: Spoilers below for Game of Thrones

Throughout all eight seasons of the series, fans have watched Arya Stark transform from a meek girl of royalty into a deadly assassin, ultimately leading towards the inevitable reveal that she was the character most capable of defeating the Night King. One viewer, however, felt that nearly a decade of training wasn't enough evidence to support her deadly abilities, claiming that this moment was only possible thanks to Jon Snow.

[SPOILERS] Jon screamed.. from r/gameofthrones

Over on Reddit, one user claimed that the dragon was blocking Arya's path towards the Night King, which was why Jon Snow shouted at it in order to distract it, allowing Arya to move in undetected. The user even attempted to confirm that, rather than letting out a primitive shout, Snow was guiding Arya by yelling, "Go!"

For some reason, this user, and the various other Reddit users supporting the absurd concept, refuses to accept that Arya was far more capable than Snow at using methods of stealth to get close to the Night King. Prior to the pivotal moment in the episode, Arya had not been seen for multiple scenes and thus leaving her location unknown, allowing her dozens of entry points towards the villain, refuting the idea that Jon Snow had anything to do with her path. Last season, we also saw Arya demonstrate her no-look knife toss when sparring with Brienne, which she used to distract the Night King to strike the critical blow.

Despite delivering audiences multiple hints that Arya was capable of killing the villain, some audiences refused to accept that Arya was clearly the most competent killer when it came to the Night King. While a vocal minority of viewers hopped on social media to dismiss Arya's abilities, the majority of the internet has been praising the character who they have been championing for years, certifying that she deserves all the glory she has earned for dispatching the threat.

It's worth noting that, as ridiculous as this theory is, Jon Snow did confront the dragon and showed bravery in his final moments, as he likely assumed he was about to die and showed no fear. This act of courage, however, served as nothing more than a symbolic gesture and in no way was a requirement for Arya to prove her combat skills once again.

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