Game of Thrones Just Set Up Jon vs. Daenerys for the Series Finale

Game of Thrones just set up a final confrontation for its series finale between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Tonight's episode featured Dany definitively ending her conquest of Westeros with her armies taking King's Landing, destroying the Lannister army, and killing Cersei Lannister in the process. But while Jon Snow was on the front lines of that battle and aided in Dany's rout of the Lannister army, he also saw the bloodshed and destruction of the city firsthand, especially after the citizens of King's Landing had seemingly surrendered by ringing bells across the city. It's the latest in a series of disturbing decisions by Dany, one that could put Jon in direct conflict with his queen, aunt, and lover.

It doesn't help that Jon Snow was recently revealed to be Aegon Targaryen, the last male Targaryen and a potential claimant to the Iron Throne. Dany begged Jon to keep that secret to himself, but he told his family and the secret started to spread throughout Dany's inner circle. While Jon has repeatedly said that he doesn't want the Iron Throne, Dany seems to see Jon as a potential threat to her reign, even though she loves him. In the latest episode, she executed Varys for trying to convince Jon to overthrow Dany, and she implicated Sansa Stark as a potential traitor to Tyrion as well.

Ultimately, Dany's suspicions of the Stark family could prove to be what spurs Jon to act. Jon may not technically be Ned Stark's son, but he still considers Sansa, Arya, and Bran to be his family and would likely put their well-being ahead of Dany's, especially in the aftermath of the Battle of King's Landing. Jon eventually pulled his army out of King's Landing after Dany and her dragon went berserk, razing everything in sight. That seemed to be a sign for Jon, and we'll see how he acts in next week's series finale.



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