Disney's Gargoyles Is More Popular Than Ever

We've written about Gargoyles countless times in the past, despite the series first debuting some 27 years ago. The show received some new life when it was added to Disney+ around launch time in 2019, and now toy companies are producing new merchandise for the show for the first time in decades. Between that and an uptick in Gargoyles comic sales, one thing is more apparent than ever — Gargoyles might be more popular now than it has ever been.

You see, Marvel published a series of Gargoyles comics beginning in 1994, and it ran for 11 issues before being sent to the chopping block. Despite the vast majority of comics from the era remaining in dollar bins at virtually every comic store in the country, the Gargoyles renaissance has launched the price of these books into the stratosphere.

Let's look at Gargoyles #1, as an example. If we go back and look through some of listings that sold in January, readers were lucky enough to get the book from anywhere from 99 cents to 20 dollars give or take a few bucks on either side. There was a time in February where prices dipped and a few listings sold right around the 10-dollar range.

Now? You're lucky to get yourself a copy of that same issue for any less than $70, with some auctions or listings selling north of one hundred dollars for raw copies. One lucky bidder — and seller, for that matter — was able to win an auction on Thursday for a near-mint 9.8 copy. That auction ended at $810 for the copy graded by CGC and as of this writing, there are currently 97 9.8 copies of the issue listed in the CGC census.

The Gargoyles renaissance doesn't stop there. Last month, NECA unveiled plans to do a line of figures, revealing that their first would be that of series mainstay Goliath (Keith David). Shortly after launch, the toymaker had to be special rules in place for retailers because of "unprecedented demand." The tweets announcing the toys went viral tenfold.

In turn, a similar pattern can be seen with similar Gargoyles toys originally produced by Kenner when the show was first on the air. Though the price increase is smaller, the demand has grown in recent weeks — especially since NECA's announcement.

The series itself has always had a cult following, but as with every other reboot situation under the sun — those who grew up watching the property now have an expendable income of their own. Now, who knows — maybe Disney will listen to those campaigning for a long-awaited reboot.

All three seasons of Gargoyles are now streaming on Disney+.


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