'Happy!' Season 2 Trailer Released

Get ready for a wild ride, because the first trailer for Happy's sophomore season has arrived!

The video, which debuted at this weekend's New York Comic Con, showcases a mix of old and new footage, as well as behind-the-scenes looks at how the fan-favorite SYFY show comes together.

Happy! follows Nick Sax (Meloni), a hitman who joins forces with his daughter's imaginary friend, a blue unicorn simply named Happy (Patton Oswalt). Together, they attempt to locate Nick's daughter (played by Lorenzo) after she has been kidnapped. The series draws inspiration from the Grant Morrison comic of the same name.

"We weren't trying to do something that was a complete perfect adaptation of the comic." Morrison previous told ComicBook.com. "I don't think these things necessarily work well the translation from one media to another, if you try and slavishly copy the original. The book was only four issues. I always wanted to do more with the characters, but there was no chance of a sequel because of how we dealt with one of our leads in the book."

"It was kind of capturing the energy, and the mood, and the feel of the comic." Morrison added. "Because as you see, especially in the first couple, was a lot of that dark humor. There's a lot of violence and negative energy. It's very punk rock. But as we go in, other elements came in. It's a Christmas story, so we got a better sentimentality. There's moments in there that will make you cry."

The first season of Happy! debuted in December of last year to critical and public acclaim. About a month later, the series was renewed for a second season, something that Morrison and company have been planning for.

"If it's a hit, we know exactly where we're going with it," Morrison told ComicBook.com back in January. "We do have it planned out to three seasons so far. If it's a hit, we'll go back to that and see if we can extend it more -- but we've taken it seriously. If the show is a success, we'll know exactly what we're doing."


"We know where it's going," Morrison explained. "There's a real big mythology behind it, which people won't really be aware of until somewhere around I think episode four you start to see hints of it. So yeah, very much so. We'd love to keep going with these characters because we love them so much."

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