Harley Quinn and Titans Facebook Changes Prompt Fan Speculation on the Death of DC Universe

Is the DC Universe coming to an end? The streaming site dedicated to all things DC launched in September of 2018, but certain signs point to its demise. In July, DC Universe quietly ended its annual subscription package to users. Currently, Doom Patrol is the only DC Universe series moving to HBO Max, but that doesn't mean HBO Max won't eventually absorb DC Universe's other shows. In fact, a recent change to the Facebook pages for DC Universe's Harley Quinn and Titans have fans speculating that the end of DC Universe is nigh.

"Rest In Peace DC Universe," @AjepArt2 tweeted. The DC fan included Facebook screenshots that feature Harley Quinn and Titans removing the "DC Universe's" portion of their name. You can check out the tweet below:

Now, there's a chance these changes were only made since Harley Quinn is no longer exclusively available on DC Universe. The series arrived on HBO Max this month. While Harley Quinn has not yet been renewed for a third season, there have been rumors that Titans' third season will debut on both HBO Max and DC Universe, which could also be the reason for the Facebook change.

On June 30th, DC Universe subscribers were offered the option of adding HBO Max to their service plan for an additional $4.99 a month - basically shaving off the regular price of HBO Max ($14.99/mo) by a substantial amount. While that offer looked like a kind benefit to offer loyal DCU users a wider berth of content, it could be argued that the move was also a great way to start the transition process of getting DC Universe subscribers moved over to HBO Max.

There have also been big content shifts between DC Universe and HBO Max as of late. The Stargirl series announced its season 2 renewal with the caveat that it is now airing on The CW weekly, and streaming completed seasons on HBO Max - bypassing DC Universe altogether. Classic DC films like the Batman movies and newer films like Birds of Prey are now being pushed to HBO Max as well, to fill out the service's DC content lane.


The transition seems easy to make in terms of TV / Movie content; all the "DC Universe Originals" could presumably get along even better in front of a wider HBO Max audience. However, the real loss fans point to is the massive library of DC Comics that have been digitized and offered as part of DC Universe's service.

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