Westworld Star Thandie Newton Teases Season 4 Storylines

In April, Westworld was officially renewed for a fourth season. While it will probably be a while before fans see the next installment of the HBO series, there's a lot to look forward to after the season three finale saw the death of some major characters. Recently, one of the show's biggest stars, Emmy-winner Thandie Newton, had a chat with Deadline and teased some exciting storylines for the upcoming season. Here's what she had to say when asked if her character, Maeve, will clash with Charlotte (Tessa Thompson):

“Oh, there’s definitely something going on there. Definitely,” Newton teased. “I mean I say definitely but I’m just a fan, like try to imagine. But yeah, I mean, Hale, is fascinating to me now, as an extension of Dolores. I mean, it’s really interesting, isn’t it? It’s like the apple falling far from the tree and all that. It is really interesting that Dolores has spawned these children basically because they very quickly separate themselves from her.”

She added, “I mean, I loved that evolution and they start with Hale just so distraught and clinging to her creator, Dolores, and by the end she wants to destroy her creator. It’s an interesting trajectory. So yeah, I’m fascinated in how Maeve will, if she plays into that.”

“And you know, Maeve’s relationship with Caleb [Aaron Paul], that’s interesting, too, because we’ve had very little of that. I don’t think it’s going to be as simple as Caleb just continues the work that Dolores is doing,” Newton explained. “Although why has Dolores put him in that position? Is she really that interested in humanity having a leader? Why? Is it just an experiment for her? Step out to pop up to a whole other planet and start doing shit over there? I just think it’s worlds within worlds.”


She concluded, “So, I’m talking to Lisa [Joy] in general at the very, very beginning, all those years ago, they have stuck to their initial plan of where this is going. In fact, they’ve been able to continue that, and I know that because there are times when we think, God, that character isn’t back and oh, my God, why would they get rid of that? And it’s because they are so connected to what their intention was in the beginning. They’re not swayed by audience appeal or fandom or any of that. They want to tell a story that they imagined a long time ago and they’re going to stick to it, and I love that.”

The first three seasons of Westworld are now available on all HBO streaming platforms.