Henry Winkler Has 'Happy Days' Reunion After Big Emmy Win

Actor Henry Winkler had a big night at the Emmy's on Monday. Not only did he take home his first career Emmy, but he had an impromptu Happy Days reunion as well.

Winkler won his award for his role as Gene Cosineau on HBO's Barry and his Happy Days co-star, Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard, celebrated the win by sharing a photo the pair took together earlier in the evening.

"My friend's win is so deserved and great! Bravo, @hwinkler4real," Howard wrote.

Howard and Winkler starred together for seven seasons on the classic ABC sitcom with Howard playing Richie Cunningham and Howard playing Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli. While Howard departed the series after season 7, Winkler appeared in every episode of the series.

As for Howard, he didn't just celebrate Winkler's long-deserved win with the "reunion" picture. He also shared a photo of Winkler accepting his award, calling it a "great moment".

In addition to celebrating Winkler's win, Howard also responded to tweets from fans of Solo: A Star Wars Story, specifically retweeting one fan who was curious about a possible Solo sequel. Howard's response was more about the interest in the film, though the film's co-writer Jonathan Kasdan was less optimistic about the idea.

"Will there ever be a sequel 'cause it really seems like you guys were setting one up? To be honest, I think the challenge has more to do with the foreign box office than the U.S.," Kasdan shared on Twitter. "Personally, I think there are great Star Wars movies to be made that don't need to cost quite so much. Hopefully that will be the trend in years to come, and maybe, just maybe, that trend will allow us, one way or another, to tell more stories with Alden [Ehrenreich], Joonas [Suotamo], Emilia [Clarke], and Donald [Glover]."


He added, "With those actors and [Ron Howard], I would jump at the opportunity. Given the way Hollywood, and the culture at large, seem to run from anything labeled a disappointment, the odds seem like they're against it happening anytime soon. But, I suppose, Han wouldn't have it any other way."

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