House of the Dragon Director Confirms Identity of Mysterious Dragon in Finale

The first season finale of HBO's House of the Dragon not only set the stage for a massive civil war in the show's immediate future, but also introduced a new dragon that could be pivotal to story. One scene in the second half of the episode saw Daemon Targaryen head below Dragonmont to see a massive beast with bronze scales and scars on its face. Daemon approached the dragon and sang to it, but its name and history were never mentioned. Many theorized that it was the dragon known as Vermithor, which has since been confirmed to be true.

In an interview with Variety after the finale, House of the Dragon showrunner Ryan Condal was asked directly about the identity of the enormous dragon. He confirmed that it was Vermithor that Daemon approached, setting up a big role for the dragon in Season 2.

"That is one of the unclaimed dragons that lives in the Dragonmont: Vermithor, the bronze fury," Condal said. "King Jaehaerys' dragon, the king that we saw in the opening of the first episode, the king that passes on the his succession to Viserys."

Who Is Vermithor?

Vermithor is a bronze dragon who belonged to King Jaehaerys Targaryen. If you recall, Jaehaerys was the one seated on the Iron Throne at the very beginning of House of the Dragon. Widely known as the most noble and effective Targaryen King, Jaehaerys ultimately gave the throne to Viserys, passing up on the better choice, Rhaenys, because she was a woman.

When Jaehaerys died, Vermithor went without a rider. He was said to be one of the biggest dragons around, with only Vhagar and Balerion measuring larger. Vhagar is the dragon being ridden by Aemond, and Balerion was dead before the start of House of the Dragon. So that means Vermithor is one of the two biggest dragons in the realm, and someone claiming him and fighting for Rhaenyra would give the Blacks a dragon that could match up against Vhagar.

In addition to being a very large dragon, Vermithor is also very old. The creature has been alive for around 100 years by the time Daemon approaches him. 

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