John Cena Laments Losing His Peacemaker Helmet to Jimmy Fallon: "A Sucker's Bet"

John Cena says he was overconfident making the "sucker's bet" that lost him the Peacemaker helmet, which he "foolishly" wagered in a high-stakes game with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. Wearing his Peacemaker costume during an appearance on the late-night show to promote The Suicide Squad spinoff series on HBO Max, Cena and Fallon played a game of "Make It Last," where each player must complete the same challenges to see who can last the longest. When Cena bet the Peacemaker helmet to up the ante on the competition, Fallon put up a Tonight Show microphone before agreeing to frosted hair tips if Cena won the challenge. 

In "Make It Last," Cena and Fallon are given ping pong balls to see who can "blow it in the air for the longest." Cena scores first, but the Wipe Out host wipes out in the second round challenging players to stand on a balance board while holding trays of glasses with one hand. Other challenges see Cena and Fallon holding the high note in Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," hanging onto a fireman's pole, and riding a mechanical bull. 

Explaining his defeat on The Rich Eisen Show, Cena jokingly said Fallon "definitely had home-field advantage, that son of a bitch." 

"I don't even own the helmet and I lost it. We played all these games, these stupid games...there's never any friggin' stakes, nothing is ever [at stake]," Cena said. "We don't play for anything, so to make something competitively interesting, you gotta have something on the line. And I foolishly bet the helmet."

Losing 3-2, Cena hands over the Peacemaker helmet Fallon wears for the remainder of the Tonight Show segment. When Fallon assured Cena he was keeping the helmet, Cena quipped, "[Peacemaker series creator] James Gunn is gonna be pissed." 

"He was going to give me his Tonight Show mic, and I wanted him to frost his hair tips because he would hate it so much he would have to get a really short haircut. A sucker's bet," Cena said on The Rich Eisen Show of his wager with Fallon. "He actually knew what game it was and I had no clue, I went in overconfident — I blame it on the Peacemaker outfit — and I ended up losing the helmet." 

Asked if losing the "expensive" looking helmet would come out of his paycheck, Cena joked, "They may put that one on my tab. The check's in the mail. If they don't get it in a few days, just wait longer." 

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