Looney Tunes and Elmo Reportedly Most Popular Shows on HBO Max

Looney Tunes and Elmo are reportedly the most popular shows on HBO Max. Parrot Analytics report that Loney Tunes Cartoons is the most in-demand show on HBO Max since it debuted on May 27th. In second place was The Not-Too-Late Show With Elmo (via: Bloomberg). There is a bright side to this development as spectators wondered if HBO Max could appeal to important youth audiences necessary for the service to remain healthy. Well, it seemed like Game of Thrones, Westworld, Friends, Insecure and other big priority shows would carry the torch. But, Sesame Street characters and Bugs Bunny have swooped in to carry the day. There's no question that HBO would like to see some of that tentpole content do well, and maybe the year holds some other winners.

However, it's been a slow start for the new platform after its big unveiling last week. Bloomberg's numbers painted a stark picture about the mobile users. On day one of the service, there were only 90,000 downloads of the app. Now, that might not sound like a cause for alarm, but when pitted against other competitors, things make a bit more sense. Walt Disney Corporation managed to net 4 million mobile downloads on day one when it launched last November. Even a service like Quibi got 300,000 people to download on their launch day. So, there is some ground to be made up for sure. WarnerMedia chief executive officer Jason Kilar isn't too worried though.

"This is a unique platform in many ways, including the way it is distributed," he said to Bloomberg in a statement. "I've seen this movie before and am so excited as we begin down this path engaging viewers globally with our unmatched shows and rich library."

Also confusing customers in the early going was how to actually get the service. Users who already had HBO Go and HBO Now were left to figure out how their existing service was different from HBO Max. Even more interesting is that a number of cable providers offer their customers the chance to sign up for the new streaming platform as a part of their existing cable service. (HBO Max has a website that helps users check if their cable provider is one of the companies making this available.) So, things have been anything but normal in the early days of the service. The marketplace is only growing more crowded by the day and carving out a niche is going to be the biggest task for the company in year one. However, they can take comfort in the fact that their children's offerings are more than pulling their weight right now.

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