Ms. Marvel Disney+ Title Sequence Features Clever Captain Marvel Easter Egg

It's been just over a year since Marvel fans got their first look at the logo for the Ms. Marvel [...]

It's been just over a year since Marvel fans got their first look at the logo for the Ms. Marvel series heading to Disney+ at 2019's D23 Expo, but while fans eagerly await updates on the much-anticipated project they're also noticing new details in that logo. On Twitter, one fan has noticed a clever Captain Marvel Easter egg in the Ms. Marvel title sequence -- Captain Marvel's iconic Hala Star.

On Twitter, fan account @CaptMarvelNews shared a brief video clip of the logo as a title sequence from last year and pointed out the Hala Star detail, serving as punctuation for the "Ms." in Ms. Marvel. Check it out below.

It's a pretty cool little Easter egg and a nod to how connected Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel and Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel are. In comics, Kamala is a teenage girl who learns that she has polymorphing powers which allow her to "embiggen" or shrink any parts of her body. Inspired by her hero, Captain marvel, Kamala uses her powers to protect her hometown of Jersey City, New Jersey, eventually joining the Avengers.

While Ms. Marvel is a series for Disney+, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has been clear that the series -- and the rest of Marvel's Disney+ series -- will be connected to the MCU.

"They will be entirely interwoven with both the current MCU, the past MCU, and the future of the MCU," Feige previously told

Some of that connection may just come in the way of directors. A recent report suggested that Captain Marvel directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck are the frontrunners to direct Disney+'s Ms. Marvel. Back in January it was announced that Boden and Fleck would not be directing Captain Marvel 2 and would instead be paired with one of the original properties being developed for Disney+.

Principal photography has not yet begun on Ms. Marvel. The series has not yet cast the titular character and some fans speculate that the character will appear on screen before appearing in her own series. However, Kamala Khan makes her way into live-action, co-creator G. Willow Wilson expressed her excitement about the character getting her own series last year.

"It is so far beyond what either [editor Sana Amanat] or I ever envisioned going into this series six, going on seven, years ago, that I almost can't process it," Wilson said last November. "I think there're some characters who are very much set up for the big screen; they're very naturally sort of cinematic. But with Ms. Marvel, we really weren't interested in creating something that had very obvious film potential. I was really leaning — and I know Adrian [Alphona] and Takeshi [Miyazawa] and all of the artists as well — were really leaning into the comic book-ness of this character. She's got very comic booky powers. God bless them trying to bring that to live action; I don't know how that's going to work out in a way that doesn't look really creepy."