MTN DEW to Release "Lost" Episode of Bob Ross' Joy of Painting

Weeks after giving away $1 million to kickstart the marketing campaign for MTN DEW Major Melon, the soft drink manufacturer is pulling out the big guns for another massive campaign. Created in a collaboration between DEW and The Bob Ross Company, the full episode will feature a tutorial showing DEW fans how to paint a bottle of the beverage into one of Ross' signature landscape paintings. Alongside the YouTube video, DEW will also release television commercials in support of the campaign.

"Bob Ross is a legend and a cultural icon, not just for those who grew up watching him live but with a new generation of people who have come to appreciate his creativity, his democratic approach to art, his focus on love of self and the natural world, and his ability to spread joy even amidst chaos," DEW marketing chief Nicole Portwood says in a press release.

She adds, It's an absolute honor for DEW to make this 'lost episode' for all to enjoy and try their hand a creating a masterpiece with Mr. Ross' guidance."

You can see a teaser of the tutorial in the commercial above. In support of the campaign, MTN DEW has crafted special painting kits that fans of the drink can use to paint their own art. The kits will be available in limited-edition packages that will be given away following the episode's premiere this weekend.


Another part of the campaign will include an auction featuring the artwork used in the various television commercials. More details on that are forthcoming on the MTN DEW website.

The MTN DEW and Bob Ross Company collaboration is set to hit DEW'S YouTube page this Saturday, March 6th.