The CW's All American Skyrockets to #1 on Netflix Top 10

It's usually the Netflix originals that become insanely popular and rise to the top spot on the [...]

It's usually the Netflix originals that become insanely popular and rise to the top spot on the service's Top 10 list when they're release, but this week it's a popular show from The CW getting all of the attention. The second season of All American was released on Netflix early Tuesday morning. Just one day later, the show has already become the most popular title on the entire streaming service. All American is currently at #1 on Netflix's Top 10 list, a spot it will likely hold for a couple of days at least.

New additions to Netflix are always popular upon their streaming release, gaining attention as soon as they're dropped onto the service. However, All American seems to be grabbing attention equal to Netflix originals, which is something you don't see nearly as often. Part of this instant popularity for All American likely has to do with the fact that it gained many of its fans on Netflix, rather than when it initially aired on The CW. Other shows on the network can say the same, such as Riverdale, which saw a huge boost going into Season 2 because of its performance on Netflix.

The Netflix Top 10 list is a pretty new trend for the streaming service, as it was introduced just last month. But users seem to really enjoy the feature, discovering new and exciting projects based on what others are watching.

All American currently sits at the top spot on the list, followed by several different Netflix originals. On My Block is at number two, Love Is Blind is still riding high in third, the popular film Spenser Confidential has dropped to fourth, the new season of Boss Baby: Back in Business sits at fifth, original drama Lost Girls is at sixth, Bert Kreischer's new standup special Hey Big Boy is at seventh, and the informative docu-series 100 Humans comes in at number eight.

It's not until spot number nine that you'll find another non-Netflix original. 1995's Outbreak, which has been in the Top 10 for much of the last two weeks, is currently in ninth, and the 2016 film The Assignment, starring Michelle Rodriguez, comes in at number ten.

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