Only Murders in the Building Drops Tons of Meryl Streep Easter Eggs

Several of Meryl Streep's movies are referenced in the latest episode of Only Murders in the Building.

In the fifth episode of Only Murders in the Building Season 3, Meryl Streep's Loretta finally takes center stage once again, as she and Oliver (Martin Short) go on the date that they've been alluding to for multiple episodes. The date begins with dinner in Loretta's apartment, which gives viewers a look into the character's life, and we understand just how different she is from the Arconia residents. It's also an opportunity to the show to pack in a ton of Easter eggs from throughout Streep's storied career.

Throughout the apartment, there are nods to several of Streep's movies. Production designer Rich Murray packed in all sorts of references to other Streep characters, while also making sure the vibe of the place fit Loretta.

"It has a lot of built-in quirkiness with drop-down, pull-down things," Murray told Variety. "Everyone has everything so neatly finessed, tucked in and tightened cornered, and so we sort of pull from that."

Perhaps the most obvious of the Easter eggs — certainly the easiest to catch without pausing — is a framed Suffragette tea towel hanging on the wall between two windows. According to Murray, the name of Streep's character is also on the towel.

Two of Streep's films that also star Stanley Tucci make an appearance in the apartment. The first is from 2009's Julie & Julia. The tulips from a dinner scene in that film are featured on Loretta's desk.

"They're in a booth and there is a gorgeous arrangement of French tulips that looked like they had been moved a couple of times," Murray said. "It was this gargantuan arrangement. So, I always put an arrangement of French tulips on her desk, and they were weirdly arranged like in the film."

And of course the apartment references the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada, which remains one of Streep's most popular roles.

"We built a series of books in her bookcase," Murray explained, "and across the book spines is the logo from the film."

Loretta's apartment also features references to Kramer vs. Kramer and Out of Africa, though those are just the ones that Murray addresses in the interview. There's a good chance even more secrets are hidden around the set.

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