Peacemaker: James Gunn Confirms Tim Meadows Has Joined Season 2 Cast

DC's Peacemaker Season 2 has added SNL veteran Tim Meadows to its cast.

James Gunn has confirmed that actor/comedian Tim Meadows has joined the cast of DC's Peacemaker Season 2, in the role of Agent Langston Fleury! The character seems to be an original creation for the show, but feels very in line with the roles Meadows has played in Mean Girls (2004, 2024), Son of Zorn, and other projects. 

Meadows' casting was confirmed in one of Gunn's Instagram posts, which pictured him alongside Meadows and Peacemaker star Steve Agee (ARGUS agent John Econoos) with a table covered in scripts in the background. Peacemaker Season 2 has been in production for months now, but the last few days have seen Gunn dropping a flurry of new casting announcements for the show. 

The biggest news was that DC's Creature Commandos animated series star Frank Grillo would be bringing his DC Universe character, Rick Flag Sr., into live-action for Peacemaker Season 2. That's a pretty big deal, considering that John Cena's Peacemaker killed Rick Flag Jr. (Joel Kinnaman) in a brutal fight during Task Force X's mission in Corto Maltese. Peacemaker Season 1 showed the level of guilt and remorse that Peacemaker has over killing Flag Jr. – but that probably won't matter much when Daddy Flag comes looking for payback. Having Grillo's Rick Flag Sr. in Peacemaker Season 2 will also pull the DCEU series into the new DC Universe franchise after Creature Commandoes introduces Flag Sr. and the lore around his WWII exploits with a monster squad. That said, James Gunn has promised that the canon shift between the old DCEU and the new DCU won't be "confusing" to fans.

Sol Rodríguez (Star Trek: Picard) and David Denman (Power Rangers) have also been announced as new Peacemaker cast additions, with Rodríguez playing Sasha Bordeaux, a member of Amanda Waller's Checkmate intelligence agency; Denman is playing an unknown role. 

What Is Peacemaker Season 2 About?


Tim Meadows joins the cast of James Gunn's 'Peacemaker' Season 2


Plot details are unknown Peacemaker's next season, which is currently filming and is set to debut on Max at a later date. James Gunn is doing the ambitious job of filming Peacemaker Season 2 at the same time he's also shooting the DCU's debut film, Superman (2025). 

"Yes, we'll be shooting Superman & #Peacemaker simultaneously; yes, I've written all the episodes; but, no, in the interest of getting the show out there I won't be able to direct them all (only some)," Gunn previously confirmed on social media.