James Gunn Debunks Green Arrow in Peacemaker Rumor

James Gunn will help bring a slew of new characters into the DC Films universe, with an all-star ensemble cast working alongside him on The Suicide Squad. Before the film makes its debut in August of next year, Gunn is already setting out to expand the world of The Suicide Squad, writing and directing a Peacemaker television series for HBO Max. With production on the series set to begin soon, rumors have swirled about what other characters could appear in the series -- and it looks like Gunn is here to debunk a major one. On Monday, Gunn responded to rumors that Oliver Queen/Green Arrow would make an appearance in the Peacemaker series, simply calling it "nonsense". In a later tweet, Gunn shared his love for Green Arrow, revealing that he was the DC character he loved most as a child.

Steve Agee, who plays both John Economos and the on-set King Shark in The Suicide Squad, jokingly replied to Gunn's tweet asking if he really is playing Green Arrow.

While Green Arrow is definitely a character that fans want to see appear in the DC Films continuity - especially after the debut of Jurnee Smollett's Black Canary in this year's Birds of Prey movie - the idea of him potentially debuting in the Peacemaker series received a mixed response from fans. Not only are Green Arrow and Peacemaker not really tied to each other in the comics, but there is the fact that The CW's Arrow, which had the most recent live-action appearance of Oliver Queen, only aired its series finale this past February. Granted, DC hasn't been afraid to have multiple iterations of a character exist at the same time or within close proximity of each other, but Green Arrow is definitely the kind of character who could warrant a larger-scale solo story when the time comes.

The Peacemaker series will star John Cena as the titular character, a pacifist vigilante who will stop at nothing to promote his cause of peace. In addition to Agee, the series will star Robert Patrick as Auggie Smith, Jennifer Holland as Emilia Harcourt, Chris Conrad as Vigilante, and Danielle Brooks in an unknown role.


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