'Riverdale' Star Says The Black Hood Mystery Isn't Over Yet

Riverdale fans are still reeling from last week's midseason finale episode. But according to one of the show's stars, there's more to be uncovered in the show's Black Hood mystery.

In a recent interview with Glamour, Lili Reinhart discussed the shocking reveal that Mr. Svenson was the Black Hood. But as Reinhart put it, and as the episode's last minute hinted, there could be more going on.

"I've seen so many theories of who people think it is, but I honestly don't know!" Reinhart revealed. "I don't think the mystery has been solved yet."

As fans will remember, "Silent Night, Deadly Night" ended with Reinhart's character Betty attempting to burn her evidence from the Black Hood. She almost destroyed the mask that the villain gave her, before taking it out of the fire and holding on to it. According to Reinhart, fans are justified in feeling confused by that moment.

"There are a lot of cliffhangers." Reinhart explained. "Even at the end of the episode, things don't really feel resolved. Things don't feel right. At least for me watching it, you don't feel like the mystery was solved; like, there's still some deep, dark, unspoken mystery going on—and that's intriguing. There are a lot of questions."

As we explained when Svenson was first unmasked, the concept of him being the foe raises more questions than it solves. While Svenson served as Riverdale High's always-lurking janitor, there still were a few leaps as to his overall motive, something that Reinhart agrees with.

"If you're thinking about why Svenson would do that, it would be because he just has a vendetta against the town." Reinhart explained. "I mean, one must have a really big grudge on Fred. Fred wasn't necessarily doing anything wrong [when he had a thing with Hermione]. He wasn't with his wife anymore. I think there are a lot of questions behind the motive, and that's what makes you question whether that was really the Black Hood or not."

So, who does Reinhart think could really be behind it? She honestly doesn't know, aside from a feeling that the mystery is still unsolved.


"Obviously, Svenson wasn't even a character [on Riverdale] until episode seven, so you didn't even know who this person was [until then]." Reinhart added. "So there was no way you could have predicted that. But even shooting the episode…I do think that Svenson wasn't really the Black Hood, and that the situation is not really over. I think there's much more to it, whatever it may be. I don't think the Black Hood mystery is completely solved just yet."

Riverdale returns from midseason hiatus on Wednesday, January 17th, 2018.