'Riverdale' Recap With Spoilers: "As Above, So Below"

The warden visits Archie, who he's kept in a solitary confinement cell until he says yes about the fight club. Archie refuses, and is forced into solitary for yet another week.

Alice and FP lay in bed. Alice remarks that it's been three weeks since Dilton and Ben killed themselves, and hopefully the town won't be suspicious anymore. FP and Alice agree that with Betty and Jughead on the case, the truth might still come out.

Jughead and Betty lay in bed in Dilton's bunker. Betty remarks that Ben seemed almost too okay with dying. Jughead tries to search for some sort of rules surrounding Gryphons and Gargoyles.

Fred meets with the warden, who explains that Archie's visitation privileges have been disabled.

Veronica complains to Betty about all the work that goes into running Pop's. She reveals that the speakeasy is ready, she just had been waiting for Archie to be freed for her to open it. Betty suggests that Veronica open it either way.

Betty and Jughead see Ethel and Evelyn talking at school. Betty suspects that Gryphons and Gargoyles might be connected to The Farm.

Kevin and Josie visit Veronica at the speakeasy. She asks Josie to be her main act at the speakeasy, while Kevin serves as the emcee. Penny arrives at Pop's, and suggests that Veronica strikes a deal with them for the sake of protection.

The warden transports Archie to an underground fight club, where Joaquin is fighting with someone. The warden threatens that Joaquin could die if Archie doesn't agree to step in and take his place. Archie agrees.

Archie is introduced to the rest of the fight club members.

Veronica asks Cheryl and Toni to promote the speakeasy in exchange for various benefits. They agree.

Betty and Jughead approach Ethel, who explains that she has been put on medication for her seizures, and doesn't remember what happened when she passed out. Ethel reveals that Evelyn came to help her in the hospital, and that Evelyn has formed a peer support group at the school. Jughead asks about a rulebook for Gryphons and Gargoyles, and Ethel explains that Jughead isn't "worthy" to see it yet. She asks him to meet her alone at Dilton's bunker.

Reggie helps load boxes into the speakeasy. Veronica opens the boxes and finds packages of Jingle Jangle, and that Sheriff Minetta is upstairs. Veronica agrees to stall while Reggie gets rid of the Jingle Jangle.

Minetta asks to do an inspection of the speakeasy, but finds nothing. Veronica muses about how to get back at Penny for trying to set her up.

Betty arrives at Evelyn's peer support group, but no one is there. Betty asks Evelyn about her help with Ethel, and asks if Edgar has a way to help her own seizures.

Archie gets woken up by an officer and taken to the fight club. He quickly takes down his first opponent.

Back in his cell, an officer asks Archie if he has any requests. He asks for burgers from Pop's, which he distributes to the other fight club kids.

Veronica visits Cheryl and Toni, and tells them about what happened with Penny and asks for help with leverage. Toni agrees to take them to the Whyte Wyrm to get photos of the Ghoulie's Jingle Jangle operation. The three of them arrive there and take photos.

Jughead arrives at the bunker, where Ethel has set up a game of Gryphons and Gargoyles.

Betty arrives home to find Ethel holding a meeting with The Farm members. Evelyn asks Betty to reveal her deepest darkest secrets, including the murder of the Shady Man last year. Betty confronts The Farm about the potential connection to Gryphons and Gargoyles, but Evelyn says that they only found out about the game through Alice's past. Betty begins confronting Alice, but she starts to pass out and heads upstairs.

Jughead and Ethel play Gryphons and Gargoyles. Ethel brings the two chalices out and asks Jughead to flip a coin and drink from one. Jughead makes Ethel promise to give him the rulebook if he does this. He flips a coin and drinks from a cup. Ethel says Jughead has to kiss him first, and he agrees. She gives him the rulebook and he begins to flip through it. Ethel then drinks from the other cup, and Jughead leaves to call 911.

Ethel wakes up in the hospital on suicide watch. Jughead asks her to tell the truth to her parents about the game, but she refuses. She says that Jughead has proven himself worthy to play the game even more.

Veronica visits Hiram, saying that she won't be forced to give money to him or any of his lackeys. She presents him with the blackmail photos, and threatens to take them to the FBI.

The warden tells Archie to make the fight last a bit longer, and he agrees. Archie talks to Fred about his problem, but Fred ultimately ends up being a hallucination.

Alice asks Betty about her goals with The Farm and Edgar. Alice says that what she told The Farm about her past will be kept a secret — even from Betty.

Cheryl and Toni arrive at the Speakeasy. Jughead and Betty also arrive, catch each other up on what happened with Alice, Ethel, and the rulebook.

Hiram arrives at Pop's, where he offers Veronica his portrait of her. He says that he's proud of her, and she asks him to stay and watch how she runs her legitimate business.

Kevin introduces Josie onstage at the speakeasy. She sings "Anything Goes".

Meanwhile, Archie fights in the fight club. He gets severely beaten up, before ultimately winning the match.

Archie returns to his cell, where he's been given all of Mad Dog's stuff. The warden arrives and offers him a bottle of Lodge Label rum. Archie smashes the bottle against the cell door, and begins to destroy Mad Dog's stuff. He opens one of Mad Dog's books, where he finds a rock hammer buried inside.

Jughead and Betty arrive at the trailer, where FP and Alice confront them about Gryphons and Gargoyles. FP and Alice burn the rulebook.

Hiram congratulates Veronica on her opening night, and she asks if he already moves the drug lab out of the Wyrm.

Archie tells the other fight club kids about the rock hammer. He suggests that they find a way to escape the prison.

Betty and Jughead lay in bed in Dilton's bunker. Jughead suggests that maybe the book being burnt was for the best. Betty suggests that Alice and FP played the game as kids, and that's why they got so defensive.


At school the next day, Jughead sees everyone at school getting a copy of the rulebook in their locker.

Ethel sits in the hospital, praying to the Gargoyle King.