Riverdale Star Confirms There's No Crossover With Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Coming

With the release of the fan-favorite Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3, there are a lot of questions about the future of the series and how it could tie into the Archie universe of shows that are popular among viewers. Though this particular iteration of the franchise began on The CW with Riverdale, and will soon be expanded with a spinoff when Katy Keene premieres next month, many fans are eager to see the flagship series crossover with the latest version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. And while a character from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina appeared on Riverdale, fans should not expect a full-blown crossover anytime soon.

Riverdale actress Camila Mendes, who stars as Veronica Lodge, recently spoke with Kevin Smith after her CW series was renewed for a fifth season and was asked about a potential crossover. Unfortunately, it sounds like that's not going to happen due to some very obvious barriers between the two shows.

"No I don't think so because they're a Netflix show," Mendes explained. "If they were on CW I think we totally would, but I think we will crossover with Katy Keene, which is coming out soon."

ComicBook.com previously spoke with Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa about a potential crossover, and he seemed more hopeful about it actually taking place.

"Well honestly, it's funny, I'm a fan of all of this and I love crossover episodes, but I think you hit the nail on the head," said Aguirre-Sacasa, dressing the possibility. "If we were to ever do it, it would have to be more meaningful than a gimmick and really reveal character and really push the story forward. I absolutely think there is a universe where that happens, but you would want it to really resonate with that and really make it thoughtful and make it deep and special. There's tons of Easter eggs, allusions to other Archie characters in Sabrina and I think that's a really fun element of it. But no, you're right, it would have to be more than just a gimmick."


Season 3 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is now streaming on Netflix. Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.