'Sabrina' Adds Michelle Gomez and Chance Perdomo to Cast

The cast of Netflix's adaptation of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has just earned two major players.

Chance Perdomo and Michelle Gomez have both been cast in the Riverdale spinoff series, according to Variety. Gomez is best known for her fan-favorite role as Missy in Doctor Who, as well as appearances in Gotham and Green Wing. Perdomo first began acting onscreen in 2016, with credits in episodes of Midsomer Murders and Hetty Feather.

Gomez will play Mary Wardell, Sabrina's (Kiernan Shipka) favorite teacher and mentor at Baxter High. When she is possessed by the Devil's handmaiden, Madam Satan, Ms. Wardwell turns into a sultry, cunning manipulator, always trying to lure Sabrina down the Path of Night.

chilling adventures of sabrina madam satan

Perdomo will play Ambrose Spellman, a warlock who lives with Sabrina and their aunts Zelda and Hilda. Placed under house-arrest by the Witches Council, Ambrose is forbidden from leaving the funeral home where he lives with the Spellman women. Witty, puckish and pan-sexual, he is one of Sabrina's partners in crime, always up for mischief.

chilling adventures of sabrina ambrose

These two pieces of casting are pretty major indications of what to expect for Sabrina, for completely different reasons. Fans had speculated about Madam Satan's role as the show's villain for about a month now, after a character description for her surfaced in early January. Ambrose was a bit more of a mystery, although his role in the Chilling Adventures comic was assumed to carry over into the show.


Perdomo and Gomez are just the latest cast members to join the series, following Shipka and Jaz Sinclair, who will play Rosalind Walker. But with the series' pilot episode currently in production, and roles such as Harvey Kinkle and the aforementioned Zelda and Hilda Spellman still not officially cast, fans can expect more updates sooner than later.

Sabrina is expected to premiere sometime in 2018 on Netflix.