Sam & Twitch Series - Todd McFarlane Reveals Major Update For Spawn Spinoff Live-Action Series

The Spawn Reboot continues to move along, even if it's a bit slower these days due to the [...]

The Spawn Reboot continues to move along, even if it's a bit slower these days due to the coronavirus pandemic halting offices and production all over the globe. That said, Todd McFarlane has quite a few projects in the works, including a Sam and Twitch spin-off that at one point had Kevin Smith attached to write the outline and script. We haven't heard anything on that front. in a minute, so when's Jim Viscardi had the chance to chat with McFarlane, he asked if there were any big updates on the project and if it was still in development. The good news is that the answer is yes, it is, and McFarlane had a relatively recent meeting about it to boot.

"Yes, the answer's yes," McFarlane said. "Coincidentally I had a two-hour Zoom conference call about that very topic with some creative people in Hollywood, so the answer's yes. Definitely yes."

"And the thing is Jim, right now with everyone being shutdown, Hollywood's an interesting place because there's no production being done so there are opportunities that are there right now for getting people who would normally would be distracted and be on sets and be busy doing stuff to get their attention and say 'hey, I've got this other idea, do you want to take a look at that'." So we've been pretty aggressive in the last month when everyone sort of went into lockdown, we've been pretty aggressive on our end so again, as you know, you deal with Hollywood people, that you know, it takes 10 cracks to get 1 legitimate real definite yes out of people sometimes, so you have to keep trying it," McFarlane said. "So we're not sitting on our hands here. We're developing and sending out to writers, talking to actors and talking to agents and all that's still going on pretty aggressively behind the scenes right now."

The show started out as a project for the BBC, and then moved to another network, and it's unclear who it will end up being developed by. That said, there is a completed script from Smith, but he's not sure if it will end up being included in the final product.

"I think he wrote one script and then he gave an outline for the rest of the season," he explained. "There's something that exists from his point of view. Then it's just a matter of whoever, on any project, decide to spend any money. Then they always have their point of view of everything. Sometimes that keeps 95% of what was there and sometimes they want to throw out 95%, so who knows?"

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