Eddie Murphy Sneaks a Curse Word Past the Censors on Saturday Night Live

If you thought Eddie Murphy's episode of Saturday Night Live would be amazing, you would be right. In fact, things are getting so crazy that the comedian managed to slip a curse word past the censors. A skit spoofing the Great British Bake-Off placed Murphy into a baking contest against some of the other cast members. A challenge concerning fictional characters led the star to make a version of Sonic the Hedgehog that ended up being scarier than the first live-action version that debuted this year. Murphy actually slipped in the word **** quick enough that nobody was able to bleep it in time.

From Mister Robinson's Neighborhood to Gumby all the hits were present in one way or another. The older Robinson drew raucous applause from the studio audiences. People on Twitter have been thrilled with the episode as Murphy has proved that he still has that fastball with the Gumby appearance as well. All in all the biggest episode of the year did not fail to disappoint as Lizzo did her thing on stage as well. It seems as though she wasn't scared off by all the fervor from her appearance at that Laker game recently. The dance moves were all there along with her amazing stage presence.

Murphy told Al Roker that fans could expect some throwbacks earlier this week during an appearance on The Today Show.

"We're talking about a Gumby thing. And we're talking about a Buckwheat thing," Murphy told the host. "And we're talking about a Bill Cosby thing, maybe. It'd be very funny. I don't know if would think it was funny, but it would be very funny."

"Mister Robinson, if we can come up with Mister Robinson," he mentioned. "Or Velvet Jones. I'm down for whatever as long as it's really, really funny."


The legend made everyone remember what the golden years of Saturday Night Live brought to the table.