Saturday Night Live Promo Reveals Jason Bateman's Secret Identity

After a few weeks away Saturday Night Live returns tonight with a new episode, and it will be Jason Bateman hosting with musical guest Morgan Wallen for the first show of the holiday season. Bateman will be hosting for the 2nd time, but this is the first time he will be using his secret identity to do so, at least according to Heidi Gardner. A new promo for the show is now live, and during the second introduction Bateman introduces himself and Wallen, and you can see the shock in Gardner's eyes after he says his name. "Wait, Batman? You're Jason Batman?"

Bateman says "No, you've missed the e, it's Bateman." Wallen and Gardner aren't buying it though, and Gardner is so excited, exclaiming "We did it. We booked Batman!"

Wallen says "Now get out of here and save the city or something" while Bateman looks dejected, though he follows it up with "Oh, okay, I'll get the cape" as he walks off stage.

You can view the full introduction promo in the video above.

The first part of the video has Gardner asking Bateman and Wallen what they want for Christmas, and Bateman responds "Well this is the only Christmas gift I need", and Wallen says "Same for me."

Gardner isn't thrilled with their answer though, saying "Oh, okay, so I guess you don't care about world peace." She gives them a pretty judgemental look and Bateman tries to recover, saying "Well, if you hadn't interrupted us, I mean let us finish." Wallen says "World peace is a good one", while Bateman adds "World peace is great. No more hunger how about that? No more COVID would be great."


With that they earn Gardner's approval, and you can watch it all in the video above.

Chris Rock and Megan thee Stallion kicked off the season, followed by Bill Burr and Jack White. Next up was Issa Rae and Justin Bieber, followed by Adele and H.E.R. It was then John Mulaney and The Strokes taking the stage, followed by Chappelle and the Foo Fighters. With Bateman and Wallen hosting this episode, there are two more episodes left for the year. The first hits on December 12th and will be hosted by Timothee Chalamet with musical guest Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band. The last episode of the year hits on December 19th and will be hosted by Kristen Wiig with musical guest Dua Lipa.