Star Wars: The Mandalorian Cast Congo Star as Frog Man in Latest Episode

The Mandalorian has given fans quite a lot to talk about in its second season, with each new episode of the sophomore outing bringing some surprising reveals and character introductions. One of the most unexpected hits of the season thus far has definitely been Frog Lady (Misty Rojas), who joined the titular bounty hunter in an adventure beginning in the season's second episode. In the most recent episode, "Chapter 11: the Heiress", Frog Lady reunited with her partner, Frog Man, in what was one of the most surprisingly-sweet moments of the series yet. In order to bring the unconventional reunion to life, The Mandalorian enlisted a prolific motion capture performer to play the part of Frog Man -- John Munro Cameron.

Cameron got his career as a gorilla performer on three 1990s classics -- Congo, Mighty Joe Young, and Instinct. He also made an appearance as The Man from Planet X in Looney Tunes: Back in Action. In recent years, he has been a motion capture performer on the PBS series Sid the Science Kid, and the Netflix series Word Party.

The Mandalorian served as a bit of a Congo reunion, as both Cameron and Rojas portrayed gorillas in the iconic 1995 film.

"The grey gorillas were definitely ... there were those that were in that group of people for the grey gorillas that had more subtle, some different acting moments, but for the most part, their jobs were very physical," Rojas told in an interview earlier this year. "It was all fighting scenes and stuff, but, same thing, we all trained together to learn how to move properly and to embody what it is to be, which they call us, we're 'suit performers,' but this is very specific and it's called 'gorilla artist.'"

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