The Boys: How Starlight Is Changed Forever After Season 2 Death Scene

In a world where powered people run amok and serve at the behest of a corrupt corporation, seeing one Annie January (Erin Moriarty) come along helped provide some levity in an otherwise dark and grim The Boys series. That all changes during the show's second season as January — codename Starlight — realizes one needs to cross a certain line in trying to take down the likes of Homelander (Antony Starr) and Vought.

Full spoilers up ahead for "The Bloody Doors Off," the latest episode released for The Boys Season Two. Proceed with caution if you have yet to see the second season of the show.

In the sixth episode of Season Two, Starlight and The Boys travel to Sage Grove, a facility where Vought uses Compound V on unwilling subjects to help grow the superhero population. It's here the group eventually runs into The Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore); it's also where they find out Stormfront (Aya Cash) has a bigger hold on Vought than they think.

In a skirmish between the groups, a massive breakout happens and the powered inmates escape, leading one to inadvertently injure Hughie. Due to a massive laceration on his abdomen, Starlight and Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) are forced to carjack a nearby commuter so that they can take Hughie to the nearest hospital. After the driver reaches for a weapon in his car in an effort to stop the carjacking, Starlight uses her powers to stop him; the only thing is — she used a little too big of a shock, accidentally killing the commuter due to the stress of the situation.

According to Moriarity, it's going to be an event that heavily weighs on Starlight for the remainder of the second season as the plot shifts and goes into year three.

"That episode is a really important one because it makes her realize how far she's going in keeping herself safe, maintaining her objective to take down Vought and also it really wakes her up to realize – I think she's kind of been in denial about how much this world and being in Vought has changed her, you know?" the actor recently told Collider. "If we think back to Episode 1, Season 1 of Annie or Starlight, we all know that that would have not been a feasible thing for her at all, and I think the way she digests the death and that she causes it and what's going on in that episode is, it's a really hard pill for her to swallow."

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