The Boys: Homelander Brutally Beats Down SPOILER

By the time the second season of The Boys rolls around, Vought International still has yet to fill the void left by the murder of Translucent. In fact, the first chunk of the season deals directly with the mega-corporation trying to introduce a seventh member to The Seven. As you might expect, Homelander (Antony Starr) doesn't take kindly to most of the heroes introduced — especially one very early on.

Major spoilers for the first three episodes of the second season of The Boys are incoming. If you've yet to watch this season, proceed with caution — because you'll totally be spoiled.

After the death of Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue), Vought public relations guru Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifie) returns to the organization that fired her just moments prior. Not only getting her job back, Barrett fills the role of Stillwell's which, if we want to get technical, happens to be that of Senior Vice President of Hero Management. Though she gets a new role (plus a hefty raise), Homelander makes it apparent she's working at the company only because of his recommendation and she's to serve as his eyes and ears around corporate.

Bending the rules immediately after Homelander's ominous threat, Ashley begins to scout potential powered heroes that can fill Translucent's spot and soon introduces Blindspot to the company. Ashley and Homelander both meet the character during a training session and it's immediately apparent he's blind. Riffing off Marvel's Daredevil, Blindspot wears a mask over both eyes as he uses his hearing and echolocation to fight and train. That is, of course, until Homelander reminds us just how unhinged he is.

Wanting to introduce a differently-abled character to The Seven, Ashley thinks it'd be an excellent move for the corporation's ongoing PR efforts. Homelander, on the other hand, is peeved Ashley didn't consult him on the potential hiring of the hero.

As Blindspot approaches the duo and recognizes Homelander, who hadn't even said a word in the immediate vicinity of the new trainee at this point, Homelander crushes Blindspot's ears, effectively rendering his skillset useless. Though it doesn't seem the character dies from the injuries, he writhes around in a pool of blood as Homelander warns Ashley again that he's in charge.


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