The Boys Trolls Disney With Vought+ Day Video

If you have spent any time on social media today, you're probably aware that it's Disney+ Day, a day when Disney decided to make dozens of announcements, release fistfuls of trailers, and basically give fans an idea of what to expect on the streaming platform in the coming year. Now, though, Amazon Prime Video has shared a quick look at a teaser for Vought+, the streaming service owned by the Vought Corporation in The Boys. Not content to lampoon Paul Rudd's Sexiest Man Alive vote, The Boys has gone all-out, with its featured supes appearing in an ad for Vought+ that takes each of their individual personalities, and makes them shill for the things that feel the funniest for them.

Ironically, this ad feels less like something out of The Boys and more like something out of Transmetropolitan, the series for which The Boys co-creator Darick Robertson was best known when he got the gig creating this series with Preacher's Garth Ennis. It would absolutely be just as at-home in the world of Spider Jerusalem as it would in the reality of corporate superheroes like Booster Gold -- or, indeed, the for-profit world-savers in The Boys.

You can see the video below.

While the series doesn't follow the comics slavishly, showrunner Eric Kripke works with Garth Ennis, who wrote the comics, and Darick Robertson, who drew them, as executive producers.

"I've sent him every script to this day," Kripke told told Consequence of Sound of his relationship with Ennis back in 2020. "I even just sent him episode three of Season 3 yesterday because, to this day, he wants to weigh in on Butcher's dialogue. And I'm happy to have him do it because he knows Butcher's dialogue better than I do, and he knows British slang way better than me, so I'm happy to have him pitch suggestions. He says Butcher is his favorite character that he's created, so he's very protective of him. But he's pretty open to the rest of it. He gets it. He gets that it's inherently a different medium."

Both seasons of The Boys are now streaming on Amazon Prime. It's unclear when the third season will premiere but a 2022 debut seems likely. Amazon is also doubling down on The Boys as a franchise for the streamer, ordering the previously announced spinoff show to series