The Office Stars Give Us a Surprise Reunion With Steve Carell and John Krasinski

In an increasingly dark time, John Krasinski is trying his darndest to bring some light into the [...]

In an increasingly dark time, John Krasinski is trying his darndest to bring some light into the world. Late Sunday evening, The Office alumnus officially rolled out a new YouTube channel called Some Good News (SGN), giving fans an impromptu reunion with him and his Office costar Steve Carell. Highlighting nothing but good news, Krasinski and Carell chatted for several minutes about their favorite moments while filming the hit NBC show.

As Carell says in the first episode of the show, which can be seen in its entirety above, some of his favorite moments came during the "Dinner Party" episode where his character hosts a dinner party for two couples in the office. Thanks to the largely dysfunctional relationship between Michael Scott (Carell) and Jan Levinson (Melora Hardin), plenty of hijinks ensue.

Krasinski quickly reminisced about the same moments before shifting focus over to the heartbreaking "Goodbye, Michael" episode where Carell's character leaves the show in its seventh season.

Prior to launching to SGN, Krasinski asked fans on his Twitter account for some good news. One of the top responses there was from came from a 15-year-old named Coco who arrived home from her last chemo treatment to a parade from friends and families.

The two The Office stars also joked about a potential reunion episode, something they ultimately brushed off as they mentioned they just wanted to see each other in person, all things considered. When we had the series' former showrunner Greg Daniels on the phone last week for anniversary chatter, we also asked him about the potential for a reunion show.

"I haven't spoken to anybody at Peacock, no," Daniels told us. "I mean, I think that the talk really came up when they did Will and Grace. They rebooted that show. But I don't think that we would either be able to get all the cast together, because a lot of them are doing different things, or whether we'd really need to do that, because I feel like we had our finale."

"We knew we were going to end the show for that last season, and then we wrote towards particular endings," he added making sure to point out nostalgia can almost be too big of a factor in decision-making. "I mean, I don't know. Sometimes, it seems like people want something, but I don't know if they really do want it, or just means that they really liked the original. It's hard to say."

All nine seasons of The Office are now streaming on Netflix.