Chevy Stages Unexpected Sopranos Reunion in New Super Bowl Commercial

Super Bowl commercials often stage reunions of popular movies and shows, hoping to use nostalgia to sell whatever product the ad is for. General Motors brought together the stars of Austin Powers to help push its new line of electric vehicles, but GM-owned Chevrolet may have stolen the reunion spotlight. Two stars of The Sopranos, one of the most popular and acclaimed shows of all time, reunited for the All-Electric Chevrolet Silverado, bringing the beloved Sopranos opening credits along with them.

Chevy's commercial, which aired during the second quarter of the game, begins with the iconic theme song from The Sopranos, "Woke Up This Morning." Keeping the style of the credits, a car drives around various parts of New Jersey, but the late James Gandolfini is no longer the person at the wheel. Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who starred on the show as Tony's daughter, Meadow, is seen driving the new truck around her old stomping grounds. Upon parking (something Meadow has clearly learned to do since The Sopranos ended), she runs into Robert Iler, the actor behind her on-screen brother A.J. Soprano. You can take a look at the commercial below!

Taking the Sopranos ties even deeper, the new Chevy ad was actually directed by series creator David Chase. Teasing a "new generation," Chevy brought back the original mind behind TV's landmark drama. Of course, the two longtime TV siblings also met at a restaurant, invoking notions of that infamous Sopranos ending scene.

"You hear that Sopranos music, I feel like it's going to prompt everyone's head to turn immediately to the screen and try to figure out what's going on," Sigler told Variety when speaking about the new ad. "I think that's what everybody hopes."

"We had multiple creative meetings where we talked about different ending options, so many different ideas," said UTA chief creative officer Gary Pascoe. "It was David's idea to have Meadow and AJ meet at the restaurant."

This new commercial is just one Sopranos venture fans have had the ability to enjoy over the last year. Chase wrote a prequel film about Tony's time coming up called The Many Saints of Newark. Gandolfini's son Michael took on the role that his dad made iconic more than 20 years ago.

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