New 'Trollhunters' Poster Inspired by 'Star Wars: A New Hope'

As almost everyone on the Internet knows, Star Wars: The Last Jedi debuts this weekend. And it looks like Trollhunters, which also debuts a new installment this weekend, it capitalizing on that in a pretty awesome way.

The Netflix animated series recently debuted a new motion poster for their "Tales of Arcadia" arc, which you can check out below. For those who are familiar with Star Wars, the poster serves as a pretty direct homage to the poster for Star Wars: A New Hope.

The post takes it a step further in its caption, referencing that both Trollhunters and Star Wars are technically "a certain interdimensional battle of good and evil."

Fans have been anticipating a new installment of Trollhunters since its initial debut last year. And according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, "Tales of Arcadia" will be yet another avenue for the show's ensemble cast to evolve as characters.

"I think what's so much fun about the show, and what's so advantageous about the fact that we were able to do it as a series rather than as a feature film, is there's a lot of room for a show to grow," Guggenheim told last December. "Not just in terms of the cast, though you'll definitely be meeting new characters as we go forward with the show, but also the characters who you meet in the pilot, they grow and evolve and change. They're not the same people in episode 24 that they are in episode one. That's, I think, a testament to how character-based the show is."


"It's one thing to focus on character, but unless those characters go on an emotional journey, you're lacking character development." Guggenheim continued. "The show's very heavy on character development while still being lots of fun and introducing you to lots of different strange creatures and fun environments. It's a high school show, mixed with a madcap adventure."

Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia will debut on Netflix on December 15th.