Walker's Molly Hagan Says This Week's Episode is "The Calm Before the Storm"

Tonight's episode of Walker, titled "Champagne Problems," is a character-driven and heartwarming break in the action and danger that the series usually features. Of course, that won't last forever, and series star Molly Hagan told ComicBook that she views this week's episode as the calm before the storm as the series heads into the home stretch for the last few episodes of the second season. In the episode, the family comes together to celebrate Abeline (Hagan) and Bonham's (Mitch Pileggi) anniversary, and while it isn't without a little bit of drama, it's not like anybody's life hangs in the balance, as has so often been the case.

Hagan, who admits she has the uncanny ability to find the joke on any page, told ComicBook that she was excited to have an episode where she had more than a couple of minutes of screen time, but also didn't have to be scared for her life. Instead, the episode plays nicely with the chemistry she and Pileggi have developed during their time on the show.

"I think no matter what Bonham and Abby go through, they do find a way to stay together," Hagan said. "And all of that history, I think, reads in our faces in this episode. There's a lot of history, I think. Some of it, the audience has been privy to, but most of it has not because we've been married for what, 40 years? So I think you see the depth of history between us, I think."

That's probably good news for fans, who enjoyed watching the Walker parents' dynamic, but some of whom wondered if the pair would eventually be split up, because it feels so much like what a TV show would do in the name of drama. Hagan, though, knows how lucky she is to have an onscreen partner that she bounces off of so well.

"Mitch is my best friend," Hagan told ComicBook.com. "I feel like our relationship really carries over into film. You can't fake that stuff. I mean, maybe you can, but it's great that we don't have to. I think there's a lot of respect and love throughout the entire cast, and [showrunner Anna Fricke] really knows how to cast. So, all the guest stars and all the recurring characters, the people that she brings in immediately feel like family and a part of it. So, even though the Davidsons or whatever, I've had a blast with the Davidsons. I mean, Amara, Dave Annable. It's a lot of fun."

Still, while this week's episode will be a celebration of the Walker family, that doesn't mean the family feuds and life-threatening stakes of the season are going to evaporate in a cloud of happiness after tonight's episode.

"I study with this one particular acting teacher who's really, really good about story; his name is Stuart Rogers," Hagan explained. "And so now I can see story before it happens. Yes, I read something like this, and this is the calm before the storm."


Walker airs on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.