WandaVision Director Matt Shakman Has No Marvel Movie Plans, But He's a Spider-Man Fan

First-time Marvel director and "lifelong fan" Matt Shakman doesn't have "firm plans" to helm another Marvel Studios project after TV's WandaVision — but the filmmaker is a fan of Spider-Man. In the nine-episode WandaVision, the first original series from Marvel Studios and producer Kevin Feige, the Game of Thrones and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia director blends decades of classic sitcoms with big Marvel action. Because WandaVision is a seamless continuation of the 23-movie Marvel Cinematic Universe, will Shakman make the jump from the small screen to the big screen?

"I don't know. I'm a lifelong Marvel fan. I love working for Marvel Studios, they're the best, and I love what they create," Shakman told ET Online about doing another Marvel project after WandaVision. "You know, I was a little kid who dressed up like superheroes until it was considered inappropriate — my teachers told me I had to come dressed as a normal human — so the idea of continuing to work in the world of superheroes is super exciting. But no, I don't have any firm plans to do anything with Marvel Studios after WandaVision at this point."

Asked to reveal which character's costume he would wear, Shakman said, "Oh, my goodness. Spider-Man, absolutely! There were a few days where I would go over to the DC universe — you know, Superman made some appearances — but it was mostly Spidey."

Whether or not Shakman might direct a potential Spider-Man 4 now that Jon Watts is rebooting Fantastic Four for Marvel Studios, the filmmaker says his time on WandaVision has been unforgettable.

"I have to say, Mary Livanos, who is our producer from Marvel on the show, one of the first things she did when I signed up for this show, because she knew I was a huge fan, is she said, 'Let's go on a trip to the warehouse.' And I was like, 'Warehouse? What are we doing in the warehouse?'" Shakman recalled. "And she took me to the Marvel warehouse, where all of the costumes are from all of the movies and many of the props, and I mean, 5-year-old Matt was basically there anyway."

He continued, "But if 5-year old Matt could ever have dreamed just to be able to see Spidey there and to see Captain America and all these incredible costumes. Holding Cap's shield and all that, for a true fan, as I am, those are some of the most special moments that I'll remember from this."


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