Marvel's Nick Fury Featured in Fan-Made WandaVision Commercial

WandaVision has been exceeding fans' expectations at basically every turn, bringing a truly unique installment into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As the series has taken a reality-bending approach - inspired by various eras of American sitcoms - it has weaved in a wealth of Easter eggs and clever references along the way. One of the weirdest and most intriguing elements of WandaVision has been its various in-universe commercials, something that was missing in the series' most recent episode, which backtracked back into the "real world." But that hasn't stopped Marvel fans from imagining what future commercials could look like -- and one takes a decidedly self-aware approach. Twitter @29Dilaurentis jokingly shared a brief edit of one of WandaVision's future "commercials", which is really just an old CaptialOne ad starring Nick Fury actor Samuel L. Jackson, with some vintage filters stacked on top.

While the ad - which originally debuted in 2019 - probably isn't going to factor into WandaVision anytime soon, there still are a lot of amusing coincidences surrounding it. For one thing, fans have been curious whether or not Fury could appear in WandaVision, especially now that SWORD has properly been established. And there's also the irony of the card being called "Quicksilver", which is the superhero used by Wanda's deceased brother, Pietro Maximoff (Aaron Taylor-Johnson).

Either way, the real in-universe commercials for WandaVision are definitely going to have a significance, as showrunner Jac Schaeffer explained in a recent interview.

"The commercials were part of our storytelling extremely early on, and have been such [fun], so incredibly fun to do those," Schaeffer said in an interview earlier this month. "[For] the casual Marvel fan, I feel like the commercials are very accessible in that way, but because they're so true to the era, they also — for anyone who doesn't know a single thing about Marvel — they just can exist as more color to the story. But yeah, they're important. You'll see where they go."

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