WandaVision Fan Finds Secret X-Men Message Hidden In Clocks

WandaVision has one fan theorizing that a secret message about Marvel's X-Men is being hidden in various clocks featured in episode 2 of the show. In what may be one of the deeper rabbit holes about WandaVision, the theory is that various shots of clocks and watches - while not individually significant - are collectively spelling out the word "X-Men". It's being speculated that this is a clear (but hidden) foreshadow to Marvel Cinematic Universe fans about what's coming at the end of WandaVision: a full reboot of the X-Men (and mutants) within the MCU. So just how sound is this WandaVision X-Men clocks theory? So for yourself:

Call me crazy, but I think there is a hidden message in the clocks in WandaVision E2. from r/marvelstudios

As you can see, the theory posted by Reddit user Captmotorcycle point to a correlation between where the hands of various clocks and watches are pointing, and Semaphore language. If you don't know the term, Semaphore is a system of using two flags to signal messages, according to alphabetic code. It was used for communicating over long distances before the advent of telecommunication, or in situations like maritime communication.

WandaVision X-Men Watch Clock Message Easter Egg Theory

While it seems really far out there for WandaVision to hide a major MCU reveal in watch hands, there are a few things that help back the theory up. First of all, whether or not the watch/clock hands correspond to Semaphore alphabet letters is something that can be verified (or debunked). Second, if the corresponding Semaphore letters do in fact spell out a word like "X-Men," that's pretty compelling evidence this was intentional on the part of the show makers. The question would then be: was it intended as a fun deep-cut Easter Egg, or an actual hidden reveal that they didn't think fans would ever spot?

Thanks to James Gunn and his Da Vinci Code-style puzzle of Guardians of the Galaxy Easter eggs, Marvel fans are willing to believe that there are all kinds of encrypted secrets in these projects. The X-Men connection to WandaVision has been an especially exciting theory for fans, as the Scarlet Witch characters has often straddled the line between Avengers and X-Men in the comics. Theories range from Wanda creating mutants in the MCU, to Wanda using her reality-altering powers to change the MCU into a place where the X-Men characters are already established.

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