Watchmen Producers and Cast Address Possibility of Season 2

Even before the first episode of HBO's Watchmen debuted there was talk in the fandom about the future. Series creator Damon Lindelof was quick to say beforehand that if the audience wanted more he'd be interested; however, the first season was designed to tell one complete story. Since then the series has gone on to average over 7 million viewers per episode, and the interest in the further adventures of Watchmen is something fans in fact ARE eager to see. Could there actually be more on the horizon? The cast and creatives behind the series still have their own thoughts.

"[It's] a question so above my pay grade that I would not even know how to begin to venture an answer," director Stephen Williams told Variety when asked if he would want to return. Williams' fellow director on the series Nicole Kassell took it a step further, saying: "I'm still kind of recuperating from production. I just think it's gonna take time to say what Season 2 would be."

Watchmen star Regina King had a one word answer to the prompt, just saying: "Absolutely!"

Linelof's response had a little more insight into his thought process, and clearly shows the marks of someone that has wrestled with the idea in some form or another. The writer said that he believes what made the original Watchmen comic special was how it had an ending and didn't continue for 100 issues like most comics.

"I am deeply, profoundly appreciative for how well received the season has been up until now, and I don't want to feel like I'm ungrateful, but I still don't have any inclination whatsoever to continue the story, nd that is largely and almost exclusively based on the fact that I don't have an idea. If I'm going to be involved in any more 'Watchmen,' I should be able to answer the questions, why, and why now, and the answers to those questions shouldn't be, 'Well because that's what you do, because the first one was good.'"

The writer continued, reiterating his point about not knowing the story for what a new season would be.

"I'm not saying there shouldn't be a second season of 'Watchmen,' and I'm not even saying that that season shouldn't feature some of the characters in this season of 'Watchmen.' I just don't know what it should be."

For fans worried that Lindelof is playing mind games and preparing us for a surprise, he's sticking to his guns about the show ending in a way that wraps up the story of these nine episodes.


"I certainly don't feel like the season ends on a cliffhanger," he said. "Although, I guess it's possible that others might perceive it as such. I would be really interested in debating them."

The season finale of Watchmen airs this Sunday, December 15th, at 9 P.M. ET on HBO.