Westworld Showrunner Has "One More Story to Tell" in the Series

The fourth season of Westworld came to an end this weekend, and it got fans buzzing in a way the series hasn't been able to in years. While the final minutes of the episode seemed like they could be bringing the series to a close, creators and showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan aren't finished just yet. The creative team behind the series still has one more story to tell before bringing Westworld to a close.

WARNING: This story contains major spoilers for Westworld Season 4! Continue reading at your own risk...

During an interview with EW about the Season 4 finale, Joy explained that the story has had an ending in the plans for some time, but just a little more time is needed to get there. Season 5 hasn't been announced by HBO yet, but that would likely be the final season.

"We never broke [the show] with an exact number of seasons left," Joy said. "But then when we were writing this season, we were like, 'We can get it up to the precipice before we round it out with what we had always planned would happen in the fifth season.' So we have, like Dolores, one more story to tell – and whether we get to tell it, we'll see."

Season 4 ends with Dolores and Christina essentially becoming one in the Sublime. If there is a final season, it will give Dolores her chance to finally be the one dictating the story.

"We always had this idea that, in the last season, we would let the person who was at the whim of other people's stories and predilections and desires to be able to write a story of her own and really flip the test back," Joy added. "In terms of a launching pad for that [in season 5], the old regimes and the old world and a lot of the old players have been dismantled and destroyed [in season 4]. So, in this final test, what is Dolores gonna do? How will the world look different? How will she, as the final tester, create a different universe in a different game and a different way?"

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