Who Is Lucille in The Walking Dead Comics? Negan's Wife Explained

Here's Lucille! Real-life married couple Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton Morgan are Negan and Lucille in The Walking Dead's extended Season 10 finale, "Here's Negan," where a flashback to 12 years earlier reveals the bat-swinging bad guy's untold origin story. Negan's beloved barbwire-wrapped baseball bat is the namesake of his late wife, whose backstory has only been mentioned in past episodes of The Walking Dead. Before first-time Walking Dead guest star Burton Morgan makes her debut as the live-action Lucille in "Here's Negan," here's what happened to her counterpart in creators Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's comic book origin story of the same name:

"Here's Negan - Part 1" introduces Lucille as the wife of foul-mouthed high school gym coach Negan, who chastises her husband for cursing out one of his students during a game of ping-pong. An argument about Negan's potential firing ends when Lucille suddenly collapses. Negan is by his wife's side when Lucille is diagnosed with cancer.

Negan ends an affair with his mistress, telling Lucille: "I just want you. I just want us to be together." Lucille scolds him for waiting until now to end the affair and for picking "the sick one." He's a dutiful husband as Lucille's illness worsens.

The Walking Dead comics Lucille
(Lucille's first appearance. Photo: Image Comics)

When Lucille is returned to the hospital on life support, Negan confesses tells his wife: "I need you to know that you are everything to me. I'm not perfect… hell, I'm a f—ing piece of dog sh-t. You deserve so much better. Did I do this to you? Did I f—ing cause this? If I'd been there for you… and not… if I didn't… would you have been strong enough to fight this?"

It's the last time Negan will see his wife alive. An emergency evacuates the hospital, but Negan refuses to leave Lucille. Outside her hospital room window, the zombie apocalypse has begun. Negan barricades the room and tells Lucille the emergency will be over by the time she wakes up. He checks for a pulse and sobs when he realizes his Lucille is dead.

Here's Negan comics Lucille dies
(A dead Lucille reanimates. Photo: Image Comics)

Moments pass before Lucille's body reanimates and claws at Negan. Horrified by the corpse grabbing at him, Negan apologizes and leaves the turned Lucille on the floor of her hospital room. After rescuing a teen boy from walkers, Negan points Jeremy to Lucille's room and asks the teen to put down the body inside with a fire extinguisher.

Years later, after Negan is exiled by Rick Grimes for crimes committed during his reign as leader of the Saviors, Negan has erected a cenotaph for Lucille. By the end of Negan Lives #1, a one-shot comic book published after Negan's exit from The Walking Dead, Negan decides to recover Lucille's rotting body from the hospital where she died and put his wife to rest.

The Walking Dead comics Lucille grave
(Lucille's grave before and after 'Negan Lives.' Photo: Image Comics)

Negan's chronological last appearance comes in the final issue of The Walking Dead. Sometime before a 25-year time jump, Negan properly buries Lucille and continues to lay flowers on his wife's grave.

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