Wynonna Earp Not Mentioned In IDW Financial Reports As Company Continues to Lose Money

IDW Entertainment has released its second-quarter financials for 2019 (published by Bleeding Cool), and the outlook is grim for Wynonna Earp fans. The company, which owns IDW Publishing and Games as well as Top Shelf Comix, declared over $3.5 million in losses, including almost $2 million from the publishing side. And while SYFY's Wynonna Earp is not specifically named in the earnings report, the series has been in a holding pattern, unable to start production, for months. The reason? IDW has not had the money to pay the cast and crew to begin the fourth season.

Things might be looking up for the company, though, as productions they have been pouring money into are now in post-production, and both V-Wars and October Faction will be headed to Netflix soon. The compay is currently in production on Locke & Key, which has the potential to be a breakout hit -- but all of that is theoretical, and it will be some time before the results of these investments are borne out.

Overall, losses are actually down from Q1, although the company lost more money from publishing than it did in the previous quarter. Time will tell whether their relatively young agreement with Marvel to produce all-ages content will pay off in the bookstore market.

Fans have not heard anything official from IDW since April, when IDW Entertainment released a statement promising fans of the award-winning series that they are committed to making a fourth season of the series happen. Wynonna Earp, which was set to be in production by now, has not yet been able to roll cameras, reportedly because of a cash flow problem on IDW's side that makes it impossible to pay cast, crew, and other expenses related to production. In the statement, IDW assured the fans that they are working on a solution.

In May, IDW reached out to JP Morgan to help them find a potential buyer or partner to help them offset some of their debt.

"Hey #Earpers! Just a quick update! As you know, we love Wynonna just as much as everyone else, & have appreciated all of your support," IDW said on Twitter. "Everyone involved with this show is working behind the scenes to bring back another season. We’ll keep you updated when we have more to share." Fans of the series have not only worked to make #FightForWynonna trend on social media, but have pooled money to buy billboard space in Times Square dedicated to saving the series. SYFY, which airs Wynonna Earp, confirmed that they are still interested and waiting on news from IDW. Some rumors even suggest that SYFY had ordered two seasons, not one, with the show's most recent renewal.

Fears about Wynonna Earp was initially touched off in February, by a since-deleted tweet from showrunner Emily Andras, who apparently asked fans if they were ready to fight for the show. Later, she tweeted, "don't f--k with my family." Given that those tweets came just days after SYFY's cancellation of Nightflyers, fans immediatel assumed a defensive position.


That led the network to release a statement almost immediately reaffirming its commitment to Wynonna Earp. "SYFY ordered Season 4 of Wynonna Earp from IDW and is completely committed to the series," SYFY told ComicBook.com in a brief statement at the time. "This has not changed."

Based on a comic book series created by Beau Smith, Wynonna Earp follows a hard-drinking, gun-toting descendent of gunslinger Wyatt Earp. As the first born, Wynonna is cursed with hunting the demons and other supernatural creatures that emerge in her small town, before they escape and bring wrath upon the world. The series' fandom is one of the most active on social media, arranging fan conventions around the show and raising money for LGBT charities. At the end of last year, "#WayHaught" -- the pairing of Waverly Earp and Officer Nicole Haught -- was one of Tumblr's top ships of the year.