WWE Fans Love the Idea of the 24/7 Championship, Hate the Design

Mick Foley appeared on Monday Night Raw this week to unveil WWE's newest championship — the 24/7 Championship. Much like the Hardcore Championship from the early 2000s, the title has a 24/7 stipulation, meaning any wrestler from any WWE roster can win it at any place and at any time as long as a referee counts the pinfall. Titus O'Neil became the first champion when he managed to run into the ring and grab it, only for Robert Roode to sneak up behind him and pin him on the entrance ramp. He then spent the last hour of Raw running around the arena before R-Truth hit him with a sneak attack after pretending to help him hide. Truth ended the show as the champion and took off in his car, saying he was taking the title with him to SmackDown Live.

Based on Twitter reactions, the consensus among WWE fans regarding the new title is rather simple — fans love the idea of the 24/7 Championship, but think the belt's design is flat-out ugly.

"On a positive note... Despite the 24/7 Championship being a bit wonky, it can provide for some entertaining segments and give TV time to many underutilized talents," WWE Hall of Famer and Busted Open Radio host Bully Ray tweeted.

"I quite like the 24/7 Championship idea. Yes the belt itself is ugly af, but it could lead to some entertaining segments & also gives the undercard something to fight for & therefore more TV time," "@WrestlingJebus" tweeted.

"The 24/7 Championship is basically what the Hardcore Championship was when it was constantly being defended under the 24/7 rule. I don't care what anyone says, this is gonna be bloody great," "@VivaLaAforismo" wrote.

"Comedy wrestling is not inherently bad. The belt is very ugly, but the 24/7 Championship could prove to be very entertaining," wrote "@Skyler8bit."


"24/7 championship @WWE that's a cool championship but ugly as homemade soap," "@sworld1984" wrote.

The original WWE Hardcore Championship's 24/7 rule lasted from early 2000 to August 2002. Raven held the record for most reigns with the title at 27.