Watch: Drake Maverick Celebrates Winning WWE 24/7 Championship

Drake Maverick's quest to become WWE 24/7 Champion finally came to an end on SmackDown Live this week, as the 205 Live general manager successfully pinned R-Truth outside of the arena to win the new title. He then drove off in the Uber Truth was trying to get into, ensuring that he wouldn't drop the title in a matter of moments like Titus O'Neil, Elias and Jinder Mahal all previously have.

Maverick celebrated his championship win the only way he knew how, by telling everyone he saw about it.

"Did you know you're serving food to the new WWE 24/7 Champion?" Maverick asked a woman while he waited in a drive-thru for his food.

He went on to pester numerous people inside of an airport, all while still holding the title around his waist. He even bumped into Aleister Black at one point.


The next morning Maverick posted a workout video of himself on an elliptical at a Planet Fitness. Naturally, he still had the belt on.

Maverick's victory on Tuesday brought an end to Truth's record-long reign of 12 days as champion. He was left stunned after being pinned, thinking that it was Carmella who attacked him given the way Maverick was dressed. The title win marked Maverick's first championship victory in WWE, adding to a title history that already included two reigns as TNA X Division Champion.


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