WWE's The Undertaker Releases PSA With Tiger For Rare Species Fund

The Undertaker is easily one of the most recognizable, dynamic wrestlers in the roster of the WWE and he is putting his popularity to good use by releasing a public service announcement to help save wild tigers that are currently in danger of extinction around the world. Mark William Callaway first appeared as the Undertaker during the Survivor Series Pay-Per-View event in 1990, beginning a career that would have him transforming from an "undead" supernatural being into a hardened biker that always attempts to prove himself in the wrestling ring. With Taker set to battle AJ Styles, there's no better time than now than for this message to hit.

Calaway has long been a fixture of the WWE, hitting the ring for decades and creating a legacy that few other wrestlers around the world are able to hit. It's clear with this video that both himsel and his wife, Michelle McCool Calaway, who was also a wrestler, hold these wild tigers close to their hearts. With a plea for viewers and fans to help both the Rare Species Fund and the Myrtle Beach Safari, Undertaker also delivers a hilarious line incorporating his traditional "rest in peace" line to how we may feel if tigers were to become extinct.

Twitter User SMFISHMAN shared the imperative, albeit hilarious, public service announcement that shows both Undertaker and his wife wading in a pool with an actual tiger sitting beside them, clearly comfortable with being able to be so close to the tiger to help deliver their message of assistance for the wildlife:


The upcoming match between AJ Styles is still looking to take place at the upcoming 36th Wrestlemania, though things have changed astronomically due to the pandemic of the Coronavirus. With the event being moved from its original location in Tampa Bay to the WWE Performance Center, and spread over two nights rather than one, we will definitely be keeping our ear to the ground for any other changes that may take place for what is considered to be the biggest annual event in wrestling today.

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