AEW All Out: Lance Archer Wins the Casino Battle Royale

AEW's Casino Battle Royale for a world heavyweight championship opportunity went on third during All Out on Saturday evening. The match's 21 entrants, some of whom were surprises, included: Jack Swagger, Chris Daniels, Blade, Fenix, Trent Baretta. Kazarian, Will Hobbs, Chuck Taylor, Santana, Ortiz, Billy Gunn, Penta El Zero M, Ricky Starks, Brian Cage, Darby Allin, Sean Spears, Eddie Kingston, The Butcher, Sonny Kiss, Lance Archer, and the joker was Matt Sydal.

Brian Cage looked dominant throughout, as did Lance Archer early. Matt Sydal being the big surprise entrant in the joker spot looked to make an immediate impact, and he did...but not in a good way. He immediately went for a shooting star press, but slipped and landed on the back of his head in a scary spot.

Sonny Kiss eliminated Jake Hager, which many people on social media took note of due to Hager's extreme conservative views that he often expresses on social media. Kiss was then eliminated by Cage immediately after.

Late in the contest, Darby Allin was put in a body bag filled with thumbtacks by Cage and Starks. Cage then powerbombed him over the top rope to the entrance ramp to eliminate him.


Cage and Archer tee'd off on one another late, with the announcers selling that this was what the fans wanted to see as the two exchanged shots. Cage fought with Hobbs on the ring apron on the on the outside and Archer ran in to eliminate both of them.

The final four was Sydal, Butcher, Kingston, and Archer. Butcher was eliminated by Sydal. Archer hit the Blackout on Sydal and powerbombed him over the rope to the apron. Kingston then ran in and eliminated him. Archer and Kingston then fought on the apron. Jake Roberts brought over a bag with a snake in it to freak out Kingston. Butcher and Blade ran out to interfere on Kingston's behalf as Kingston bit Archer in the ear. Roberts again distracted Kingston with the snake and Archer tossed him off the corner to win the match.