Ric Flair Gives His Perspective on the CM Punk Situation in AEW

Ric Flair was asked to give his two cents on the entire CM Punk situation currently in AEW. From calling out Hangman Page in unscripted fashion a few weeks back on Dynamite to blasting Page, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks in his post-All Out media scrum to the locker room brawl that took place shortly afterward, Punk now finds himself at the center of massive controversy and is potentially facing a massive suspension or termination from his AEW contract. 

"I've been watching it from afar and it's very entertaining," Flair said on his To Be The Man Podcast. "If it's entertainment the fans want, it's entertainment they're getting. Punk is giving them a lot of it. We just barely got to say hi [in WWE]. I was long gone when all the bad blood seemed to appear between he and Hunter, then the lawsuit with the doctor and all that. I wasn't aware of any of it and saw it like everybody else on social media. I always sided with Hunter on that because I didn't know the other guy. But [Punk] is creating excitement now, and if he's not afraid to say it — I like the way he said, 'I'll walk down the hall and be ready.' That's Harley Race talking right there. I don't know if he's that tough, but I love that. That's old-time stuff right there. 'If you got a problem with me, you can find me right there in the building.' It's got to be dividing the locker room.'

Regarding the brawl, Flair said, "There's two kinds of brawls. There's one where a guy will start a fight because he knows it's gonna get broken up because there's so many people around. I would think this is probably the situation with these guys. It's not like they're walking into the dressing room to talk to Harley Race or Blackjack [Mulligan]. That would take a lot of thinking and talking and walking to talk to Harley Race about something they didn't like as an individual. The fact that Punk said, 'I'm in the building if you want to find me,' or something like that, I like that. It's probably not what Tony [Khan] or anybody wants to hear, but if he has the courage to say that and he feels that strongly about somebody, then I don't blame him for saying it. I like Omega and I like the Young Bucks. They seem like really easy guys to get along with, but I don't know them that well. For me, it's how they treat me as an individual, and they treat me great. I was able to be around Kenny when he wrestled [Andrade] in Mexico, and the Young Bucks have been awesome, so I don't know. CM Punk, I don't know him. But he said it."

Punk suffered a surgery-requiring arm injury (believed to be a torn tricep) during his match with Jon Moxley at All Out, so regardless of AEW's ruling on his status with the company he'll still be out until well into 2023.

h/t 411Mania