Will Cesaro Arrive at AEW Forbidden Door?

Cesaro (real name Claudio Castagnoli) departed from the WWE back in February, bringing his 11-year run with the promotion to an end. Since then, fans have speculated over whether or not the Swiss star would sign with Tony Khan to wrestle in either All Elite Wrestling or Ring of Honor. The speculation ramped up this week when Bryan Danielson had to pull himself from Sunday's Forbidden Door event, then announced he'd have a hand-picked replacement arrive and face New Japan's Zack Sabre Jr. 

While Fightful Select's Sean Ross Sapp wasn't able to confirm whether or not Cesaro would arrive in Chicago and make his debut, he did point out that the former tag team champion has been training for several weeks at Shawn Spears & Tyler Breeze's wrestling school, Flatbacks, down in Orlando. 

Khan has spoken highly of Cesaro in the past, saying during a conference call in March, "He's a real gentleman, Claudio. I have a ton of respect for him as a pro wrestler, I think he's a great athlete. He's a phenomenal, phenomenal athlete, lets be honest, his strength is tip-top, he has very few peers in the power department. Also mentally, he puts great matches together, he has great psychology and he's just a great guy."

Whoever does appear at Forbidden Door will become the newest member of the Blackpool Combat Club faction. The idea of Cesaro being that addition fits right in line with what William Regal has said publicly in recent months. 

"I've only put my cards for four people where I've gone and said, 'I can't tell you if they are going to draw you any money, but they are incredible at what they do, they are professional, they will always be there, they will represent the company well.' Everything that you could want out of a person. Two of them was Bryan (Danielson) and Claudio was the second. That's how much I think of him. He needs to do whatever he feels is right for his family," Regal said while on The Sessions. "If my words mean anything. It's not about what you think is right or wrong, if nothing else, to have the stabilizing influence of a 100% professional person who everybody can look up to and watch and learn from. Everything you could possibly want as a professional. Dresses like a star, as a human being, speaks five languages perfectly, can represent your company anywhere. That's before we even get into the ring. If you're not using him...If you can't find...if you don't think he's...then, maybe, there is something wrong somewhere. If I had any clout anywhere, as far as that much stuff, I would sacrifice some of the money from that roster to get rid of people, this may sound horrible, to get him. That is how much he would bring to any locker room."

h/t Fightful Select