Is Shaq About to Join AEW?

Cody Rhodes was interrupted during a promo on this week's Dynamite by a new AEW star, Jade Cargill. She chastised "The American Nightmare" for several minutes, bringing up how he once called himself a giant killer while stating "there isn't anything giant about you." She claimed to know of an actual giant, and that if he opens his mouth it'll wake the giant up.

She made her way up the entrance ramp and half-heartedly congratulate Rhodes on getting the trademark to his full name back, before saying he didn't "have the balls" to just use one name. She claimed the aforementioned giant did — Shaq, better known as former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal.

Before Cargill had a chance to elaborate she was interrupted by Cody's wife Brandi Rhodes. She wasn't happy about what the newcomer was saying.

The commentary team mentioned that O'Neal was backstage at Full Gear, but claimed to be completely oblivious to the situation. For whatever it's worth, a photo of O'Neal at The Nightmare Factory alongside Anthony Ogogo popped up on social media back in September.


We'll keep you update on the situation as more information becomes available.

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