Latest Update on Impact Wrestling's Plans for Kenny Omega's Championship Reign

Kenny Omega made history back at Impact's Rebellion pay-per-view in April when he defeated Rich [...]

Kenny Omega made history back at Impact's Rebellion pay-per-view in April when he defeated Rich Swann to become the new Impact World Champion — making him the top champion in Impact, All Elite Wrestling and Lucha Libre AAA all at the same time. Omega has made the occasional appearance on Impact television ever since and retained the title against Moose at Against All Odds, but now has to face Sami Calihan at the Slammiversary event next month. The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer, who confirmed Omega is battling through multiple injuries during his "Belt Collector" reign, talked about what Impact and Omega have planned for is world title reign during Wrestling Observer Radio this week.

"They're all collaborating, especially with Omega," Meltzer said (h/t WrestleTalk). "With Sammy Guevara obviously it wasn't as collaborated because it wasn't in as high profile a picture. But before Omega ever won the title, they had their battle plan all mapped out on what it's gonna be, who's gonna be on what show, and when it's gonna be, and when Impact can get their title back. That was all part of the deal way ahead of time."

Meltzer bringing up Guevara was referencing the fact that "The Spanish God" was supposed to have a run with Impact earlier year. However, those plans fell through reportedly over disagreements regarding Guevara's booking.

"I think it got blown way out of proportion," Guevara told DAZN back in May. "Basically, some stuff was presented to me, I didn't feel like it worked for me and for what Sammy Guevara is, so I declined that. Then they declined to want to use me or whatnot. So that it's totally fine. It was amicable, almost of the just us agreeing like, 'Ok, this is business. Maybe we'll work something out in the future'. Then all of a sudden, it wound up on the dirt sheets, and it blew up.

"I wish you could have stayed close to the vest," he continued. "I felt like it wasn't necessary for any of this to become public knowledge because it was done behind doors. So why are we opening the doors for everyone to see? But it is what it is. You can't change what we can't change. I wish Impact nothing but the best. I've said that many times. They got Kenny (Omega) as the champ right now. It seems like they're doing good. They just had a good pay per view it seems like."

Omega talked a bit about his injuries during a recent appearance on Scorpio Sky's Wrestling With The Week. He's scheduled to defend the AEW title against Jungle Boy on Saturday night's special edition of AEW Dynamite.

"It's a blessing but a curse," Omega said. "As champion, you get some high-quality matches, you become the focal point of the shows, but at the same time, there's a schedule that is required and a demand for your body and health and your psychological health as well. There's just a lot that goes into being a champion.t's cool to look at pictures and be like, 'wow, look at all these belts,' but then I think, 'Man, I have to defend these. I've got to make time to defend these. I have to be that guy for the company somehow. And you just count the days and weeks that you're available to do it. It's requiring a lot of multi-tasking. But I'm still hanging on. And I can do it right now, so I'm going to do it. It may be my last hurrah, but I'm going to do it."