AEW's Kenny Omega Releases Official Statement On Revolution Explosion

Though AEW Revolution had a number of brutal match-ups that lived up to many viewers' [...]

Though AEW Revolution had a number of brutal match-ups that lived up to many viewers' expectations, one of the only things that a number of fans can talk about is the "explosion" that took place during the finale of the match between Kenny Omega and John Moxley that went awry. With Omega being called out by fans and superstars alike for the "bomb blast" that many amounted to "sparklers" and "fireworks", Kenny took an opportunity to share his thoughts on the finale of the "Exploding Barb-Wire Deathmatch" that failed to meet the expectations of Omega and audiences alike.

In his official statement, Kenny Omega shared the following statement regarding the botched explosion:

"Yeah, it was really deflating to do so much preparation, test the explosions, have them be impressive in the rehearsal, and then have it be something so much different than what was promised. It made me appreciate everyone who worked hard and did their part even more, though. But like you said, we really wanted to have a good one, and we added real barbed wire to help with the feeling of danger so we really risked a lot. Again, I loved the match, glad we did it, sucks about the finale."

Sometimes, it can be heartbreaking when plans ultimately go awry, as it's clear from Omega's statement that he was expecting something far bigger for the finale to a great match.

AEW Revolution did have a number of major beats for All Elite Wrestling's future outside of the fizzled-out explosion, with famed wrestler Christian making the jump from World Wrestling Entertainment to its biggest competitor. In a recent interview, Christian discussed his reasoning behind the switch and why he is continuing to wrestle as he gets older:

"If I didn't have the confidence that I would be able to go like I did, I wouldn't be attempting this. This is something that I take pride in. If I'm involved with something, I'm all in on it. I'm coming back to prove I'm one of the best, in my mind – I hate to say this – to ever do this."

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