Matt Hardy Teases New Character Direction on Being The Elite Following Jeff Hardy's Suspension

Matt Hardy appeared on this week's Being The Elite and seemed to hint at where his character is heading next on AEW programming. He was supposed to team with his brother, Jeff Hardy, at AEW Dynamite: Road Rager and challenge for the AEW World Tag Team Championships. But Jeff was arrested for DUI days before the event and has since been suspended without pay from the promotion until he goes through rehab and proves he can remain sober. 

Hardy looked distraught in his promo, talking about how what was supposed to be The Hardys' triumphant final run as a tag team had been derailed. He mentioned how their TNA World Tag Team Championship run was derailed in 2015 when Jeff broke his leg riding his motorbike, then brought up how Jeff suffered another leg injury when the pair finally won the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

"Ever since I came to AEW I have went on and on and on... about cementing the legacy of the Hardys. About really cementing our legacy and proving we are one of the greatest teams of all time. Maybe I have an obsession with it? Even when I look back to those situations, I was so down and I was broken. But in a fantasy world, broken in a fun way, and I ended up finding success in all of that. And then we came to AEW, finally, and we were really set to cement our legacy as the greatest tag team of all time. We worked hard, we busted our a—es for three months and I kept preaching it, saying it over and over, this is all about us cementing our legacies... and we finally earned a shot at the AEW World Tag Team titles. Hell, it was even our specialty match, a ladder match, where I feel pretty confident. If we would've went into that match, we would've won," Hardy said.

He then brought up Jeff's situation, saying that he blames himself rather than Jeff because he's the one "who keeps bringing him back." Matt said he was the one obsessed with their legacy, and that not winning the titles left him feeling broken — "but not in the fun, fantastical way."

"It's left me broken in reality," Hardy concluded. "So why do I give a s— about anything anymore?" 

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