Miro Explains His Biggest Mistake in WWE

Miro (formerly known in WWE as Rusev) is finally hitting his stride in AEW as the dominant TNT Champion. The Bulgarian arrived in AEW back in September after wallowing in WWE's midcard for several years, culminating in a widely-panned program involving Lana leaving him for Bobby Lashley and him getting pulled from TV before he could get his revenge. Miro spoke with The New York Post on Thursday and broke down the big reason why he wound up in so many questionable storylines in WWE — because he can't say no.

"This is the problem with me, I'm good at everything," Miro said. "So if you give me something, I'll make it the best (of it) and that's the problem. I won't be happy until I'm the talk of the whole business, of course. But somewhere along the lines, and this is going to tie it into it, I kept saying yes. I became this circus bear. I was a killer. I came in 2013-14 (to NXT) and killed everybody and then they gave me a little bit of something else. I showed how good I was at that, too. I became like a circus bear. The more I said yes, the more crap I have to eat. I said yes to the wedding and yes to the dancing and yes to this and that, but that's not who I am, man.

"You have to go through these moments until you finally reach your destination," he continued. "I wouldn't change a single step. I'll take the weddings. I'll take everything because it leads me to my destination and now being the TNT champion."

He also explained in the interview that the character he's portraying on AEW now is the real him.


"WWE, who cares about that, it is what it is," he said. "I was the best there. I'm the best here. Nothing changed. It's just the direction of the wind. I came from a killer then they went, hey I don't get along with Lana anymore. Cool, we will figure that out as well. It doesn't matter what they give me. I am the best, but it doesn't mean I'm used the right way. But now that I have the opportunity to be me, I'm going to go out there and I'm going to rip your heart and stick it right into your throat and make you chew it right in front of me and then I'll kill you and I'll forgive you. Then we'll move onto the next. This is who I am and this is who I always wanted to be and now I'm doing it and I can't be more happy than that."